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RockStar(idea) was founded with a shared passion to create memorable experiences. We are a powerful (idea) development agency that has assisted in the implementation of customizable online solutions for a number of companies, startups, non-profits and online businesses. .

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Conversion Focused Design

  • What exactly do Mercedes, Adidas and Apple expect in return when they throw millions at their website budget? “Something really pretty; something beautiful,” one might say. This is true, but in the end these companies expect to turn drive-by taffic into loyal revenue generating customers.
  • If you are looking for more than just a pretty website... but rather a strategicly optimized revenue or lead generating tool than you have come to the right place. We build intelligent websites that convert.

Brands Our Team Have Worked With

Companies such as Google, YouTube, American Express, Spotify, and many others have put their trust in our team.

We Command Your Visitors to Take Action

Custom Conversion Web Design Plans Starting at $95 / month

Landing Page Design

$49 /month
  • Edits & Hosting Included
  • $1,000 Design Fee


$149 /month
  • Edits & Hosting Included
  • $1,500 Design Fee

Multi-Page Website

$95 /month
  • Edits & Hosting Included
  • $1,000 Design Fee

*2 Yr Minimum. Additional terms may apply. SEO, Copywriting & Advertising packages available upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Money Back Guarantee

We strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Before we start any project we require all customers to fill out an elaborate questionaire which acts as our creative guide for developing a unique conversion focused website for your brand. Each project receives up to two rounds of revisions during the design phase. If you are not happy with our designs we will refund your money on the spot. No questions asked. Our team has many years of design and marketing experience working with some of the top consumer brands. Most of our customers are estatic with our creative direction.

Do You Offer Marketing?

The foundation of any profitable Internet marketing campaign is a fundamentally sound and optimized website. Search Engine Optimization (also known as seo) and prospective client follow up is by far the best way to maintain a stream of free, qualified traffic flowing to your website. We offer add-on marketing packages including seo, keyword research, content/article writing, email & newsletter design & marketing, facebook/google campaign management and more. Need a custom quote; you can email us at

Is Maintenance Included?

Once the website is completed requests to: fix minor website bugs, add products, add blog posts (provided by the client), edit text, and add (or remove) images can be made via the RockStar (idea) client extranet (no phone calls or email). Only one request/task can be active at a single time. When one request is finished the next request in que can be started. Once a new request is active allow up to a 3 business day turn-around time. New feature/addon requests can also be made from our RockStar(idea) client extranet at a discounted rate of $75 / hr.

What if I Want to cancel?

We found that our clients preferred payment plans over one-time fee projects. Monthly payments for recurring services provided by RockStar (idea) shall be made for a minimum of two years on the first of the month starting the month directly following the date that the service is authorized by Client. If client decides to cancel their service (or their payment method is declined and not made current) before the two years an invoice will be sent after 30 days of delinquency a 15% late payment fee will be assesed to their account requesting the total balance in full.

What Should I Expect?

You can expect to work with your very own U.S. based project manager for the duration of your project. Upon filling out your elaborate questionaire we will schedule a kick-off conference call with you and your proejct manager. You will also be given a unique client login ID which you will grant you access to your preojct files, approval, and communication.

How Long Will it Take?

We believe the best things in life happen through collaboration which is why you will determine how quick (or how long) it takes to complete your project. All projects are approached using the agile 1-2 week sprint method. In order to ensure that your project is completed on time we require 100% availability by phone, web chat, and email. If delays in communication arise the project could be placed on hold and the timeline pushed back. We recommend purchasing your plan as soon as you have all web copy, images, etc. so we can get knee deep in code and Photoshop the second you click "Submit".

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